Please help me find a G-Shock!

Thread: Please help me find a G-Shock!

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    Please help me find a G-Shock!

    So I just recently saw a G-Shock that I absolutely thought was the one for me. It's the MTG-910 with the Black Ion bracelet. Here are the features I loved about it:

    Atomic clock
    Tough Solar
    Black Ion metal bracelet
    All black on buttons and bezel - more subdued than some of the G-Shocks with brighter colors.
    On the smaller side (I think) for a G-Shock

    However, it does not have a countdown timer! Aaarrgh! What's with that? I was so surprised to learn how many G-Shocks don't have countdown timers. Seems like it would be an easy feature to add...

    Can anyone recommend a G-Shock (maybe a previous model?) that has all of the features that I like above, but also a countdown timer? I really don't care that much about any other features. It could be straight digital or ani-dig - doesn't matter.

    I may end up buying the MTG-910 anyway and just making do, but it would be great to find something with all of the features I'm looking for.

    Thanks for the help!

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    Re: Please help me find a G-Shock!

    How about one of the new GW-M5600BC models? It doesn't have black buttons, but checks all the other boxes for you.

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