Possible to paint GW9100-1 Gulfman?

Thread: Possible to paint GW9100-1 Gulfman?

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    Possible to paint GW9100-1 Gulfman?

    I recently purchased a GW9100-1 Gulfman (first watch) and came across a bunch of threads on how to paint your G Shocks. Now I've taken an interest in customizing my Gulfman. I have a few questions though and would greatly appreciate it if someone with experience can help a new guy out!

    1. Would disassembling the Gulfman compromise it's integrity (dive distance, shock resistance, etc.)?

    2. Would it be possible to paint the words on the actual watch face (under the glass)?

    3. Would this void my warrenty? (I'm assuming yes)

    4. How difficult would it be to put a different strap onto the Gulfman? I have a thinner wrist than most and is looking for some sort of nylon strap.
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