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    Potential first-time G-Shock owner

    I have been mulling over whether or not to pick up a G-Shock, and would like some advice from the experts. I would like a watch to wear during sports, to the gym, or in similar circumstances, since none of my current watches fits the bill. I fear, however, that I will not be able to pull off a G-Shock...I am not the most hip person in the world if you know what I mean. I do like my watches to stand out though. Anyways, any suggestions are appreciated! Is there somewhere online that I can find a good G-Shock for well under $100. Thanks!!!

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    Re: Potential first-time G-Shock owner

    Amazon is your best bet to find a sub $100 G. There's plenty in more "conservative" colors (read that as "black") or you can find a color that you like. Gs come in may shapes and sizes and ALL will be able to take whatever you wish to throw at it. But be warned...one is never enough!
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    Re: Potential first-time G-Shock owner

    The most popular G-Shocks for the gym/sports are the following:

    Amazon.com: Casio Men's G7700-1 G-Shock Trainer Multi-Function Shock Resistant Watch: Casio: Watches

    Casio Guy G SHOCK Trainer Sport Watch G7710 G-7710-1D | eBay

    I prefer an Ironman for the gym. Light, comfortable, inexpensive, easy to read and generally more stopwatch functions than G-Shocks. I have the one below and I've never had a more gym perfect watch.

    Amazon.com: Timex Men's T5E231 Ironman 100-Lap FLIX System Watch: Timex: Watches

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