Praise for Repair service
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Thread: Praise for Repair service

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    Praise for Repair service

    My beloved Edifice EQW A1000 needed a new glass after firstly sliding off a bedside table onto a tiled floor on holiday which cracked the glass and dented the bezel, then it must have been smacked off something sharp to put a hole through the glass at some stage.

    It was in the wars and needed fixing. So I took the direct approach and went down the route (I'm in London) which made sense as likely that's where an independent would send it anyhow, plus their workshop is only the other side of London.

    I signed on to the site, booked the repair online and duly sent the watch off. They confirmed its receipt, emailed me a quote and and invoice. I paid and within 5 working days of dispatching it I had the watch back. Amazing service with full online tracking via the Casio site.

    The best news? To replace the glass and bezel (probably one part) and dispatch it back via courier - £44.70.

    Outstanding service Casio. Now, how about some protection for the Edifice screens please? Most appear flush and aren't sapphire.

    Sort it.

    And as a treat I've replaced the nasty 'resin' band with the black bracelet from the all-black model. Pics to come.
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    Re: Praise for Repair service

    Yeah, the UK Casio Service Centre are good guys - they know their stuff and are happy to help. I've had good experiences with them.

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    Praise for Repair service

    Great to hear. Thanks for sharing CanonMan.

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    Re: Praise for Repair service

    Right on CanonMan! Pics or it didn't happen! :beer:

    sent with aloha
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    Re: Praise for Repair service

    did they send back the damaged parts too?
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