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    Premium Square

    just got onto the gshock forum. this is fantastic.

    I've either had a square on my wrist or in my top drawer since I was in elementary school. Been taking them apart and trying to modify them since I was a kid. This weekend was the first time I realized there were others out there as weird as I am.

    I also discovered that there are 'premium' models... and I need one.

    I've read as much as I can on the forum and have a few questions now, if you all don't mind helping me out.

    The GW-5000 is the cream of the crop? Right now, that's the one I believe I want.

    Are there other 'premium' models that I should investigate? What functions would I be giving up?

    The GW is only sold in Japan? Amazon has some online right now. Am I to believe those are the same and pull the trigger? Or do I need to go thru someone in Japan, possibly from WUS?

    Thanks a lot. Have really enjoyed browsing around.


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    Re: Premium Square

    I think the most premium model is the GW-T5030, it's essentially a GW-5000 but made out of titanium instead of stainless steel. You can look for a GW-5000 on ebay, amazon, google seiyajapan or katsu higuchi or look for one on rakuten. Most sellers on ebay/amazon are in Japan.

    There is also the GW-S5600 it has a carbon fiber strap and titanium backplate, not as premium as the GW-5000 in my opinion. Then of course there are the plethora of DW-5600, anniversary models, and vintage models.

    I think the GW-5000 is a great choice. The display is extremely clear. There is the negative version GW-5000B, but the display is hard to read in low light.
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    Re: Premium Square

    Used can be found in great condition here:

    gw-5000 - WatchRecon - The Most Intelligent Search Engine for Private Watch Sales

    The sellers thru Amazon will probably ship from Japan. If you are inclined and happy with the price, pull the trigger with confidence that all the usual Amazon policies apply.
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    Re: Premium Square

    Recently, I've fallen for the DW-5000-1JF, the 2001 reissue of the DW-5000. Older module, but man it's cool.

    I've moved along most of my watches, except for the GW-5000, the DW-5000-1JF and the DW-5030 30th Anniversary model.

    Used to have a bunch, but ended up only wearing the Twp different 5000's. They really are amazing feeling watches to wear, and the GW-5000 certainly is a high end piece.

    I got mine on Amazon. Some sellers stock them at the US warehouses and offer Prime shipping.
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    Got Square!?

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