PRG-40T metal bezel?

Thread: PRG-40T metal bezel?

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    PRG-40T metal bezel?

    Sorry, I know this is no G-Shock question, but I dont know who to ask...

    Does anyone know if the PRG-40T has a titanium bezel or is it made from silver plastic like the one on the PRT-35?


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    Re: PRG-40T metal bezel?

    Gutentag/morg Zaphod (Hope I said that correctly:-D )

    I just noticed your post.

    In all honesty, I personally have no idea for your very good question.

    Hopefully someone who has this model will give you the info.

    I think Sjors from The Netherlands could possibly have this model so when he returns, I'm sure he will help.

    In the meantime, I guess if you are in a rush, send an email to the seller and ask them, see what they think.

    Sorry I could not help this time around

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    Re: PRG-40T metal bezel?

    good question, i would like to know too

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