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    Problem with a mudman

    Hi there.
    I have a small problem with my mudman G-9000-8 (module 3031) and that is that the world time is ahead by an hour it should be. Not of great importance but since I recently left China to return to the UK,it's helpful to know what the time is there for me to chat to people.

    I have the daylight saving on for UK time but having it on or off makes no difference.
    There is some UTC setting but don't know how to set it.

    Anyone have any ideas how to set it right?

    Thanks for the help

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    Re: Problem with a mudman


    The UTC stands for Universal Time Code which is what the world's computer's use as a standard time and is the same time as Greenwich Meantime (GMT/ Zulu) which is in England.

    Try taking your watch out of daylight savings time mode, set the UTC time to what England's time would be without daylight savings time (probably -1 hr like it is here in the US?) and see if that setting changes the rest of the watches times. To see if that works, check going through the world time settings (ie go to Bejing time) and look on your computer if that time is correct:

    The World Clock

    If that seems to be correct, you can then set your London time by turning on the DST without manually changing the time to get the correct time. I use to have a mudman, but don't currently have one in front of me. I hope this works for you, but if I'm wrong, I hope another poster will lead you in the right direction.


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