Protect our Poisonous Frogs
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Thread: Protect our Poisonous Frogs

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    Picture Protect our Poisonous Frogs

    Last week was a good week for incoming G-Shocks. I had a couple of deliveries last Thursday, 9 in total coming on from Japan. They were (in no particular order);

    1. DW-003XS-2T (NOS)
    2. GW-M5600BC-1JF (Used)
    3. DW-8800AJ-2AT (NOS)
    4. GW-6900RD (Used)
    5. DW-5000SL-1DR (Used)
    6. GW-201-6JF (Used)
    7. DW-8201WC-8T (NOS)
    8. GT-008 (NOS)
    9. DW-5600VTBFLY-1TJR (Used)

    All in all, a great and varied catch. Here are some photo's of two of them, I've decided to start with the Frog's (what choice did I really have?).

    I have a soft spot for the clear\white jelly resin models as my first ever G-Shock was a DW-9200K ICERC model. I've had a couple of the WCCS jellies pass through my hands and every time I don't have one in my collection I feel the urge to get another; this was no exception. This was a Yahoo Japan auction that I got for the lowest bid, no other bidders. You find if this is the case then you can get really good bargains; which the majority of my buys from Japan are.

    Name:  DSC_0562.JPG
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    Name:  DSC_0566.JPG
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    Name:  DSC_0567.JPG
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    Name:  DSC_0568.JPG
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Size:  675.8 KB

    Next up is the out and out star of the batch. Like most collector's, the top end of G-Shock's to me is a group consisting of Frogman/MR-G and vintage models in NOS condition. I saw this Snake Killer model on a Japanese second hand store web site a good three months ago. It's from a store that seems to specialise in Frog's and most of their rarer models go for between £500 and £600. This Snake Killer frog was on their last page and I imagine had been sitting there for many months. The photo's of it were not the best and even though there didn't seem to be any specific damage the listing was marked as used, dirty and a 6/10 for condition. To reflect this, the price wasn't anywhere near the £500 to £600 mark. I'd manage to flip a few watches lately so I had enough in my watch fund to go for this.

    When the parcel arrived I immediately opened this one first to see exactly how dirty and used it was. To say I was delighted is a massive understatement. Apart from a little dirt on the reverse of the band from a few times on the wrist, it was more or less mint. The dirt on the photo's on the face of the watch was actually reflection as around the edge the writing is on a mirrored finish (as you can see on my second photo). This was something I didn't know before getting the watch in my hand. The well documented colour changing paint on the band and bezel is also something that can't be expressed in word's and the photo's I had seen before have all failed to really capture the effect (mine below fail too). Saying that, on with the pictures;

    Name:  DSC_0570.JPG
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    Name:  DSC_0571.JPG
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    The next two sort of show the colour difference depending on lighting. The first is more blue (not as deep as it does look though) with the second being having a more purple hue.

    Name:  DSC_0577.JPG
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    Name:  DSC_0578.JPG
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    The next one also shows the difference but this time I'm using the keeper as the blue hue (this is a plain keeper, it doesn't have the colour changing paint on it) which is practically the same blue as the watch goes to.

    Name:  DSC_0582.JPG
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    Name:  DSC_0591.JPG
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    Name:  DSC_0590.JPG
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    Re: Protect our Poisonous Frogs

    Holy mercaptans Batman!!!
    That Snake Killer is the bee's knees!

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    Re: Protect our Poisonous Frogs

    That Snake Killer is so [email protected]$$ I can't even express it in words.

    Congrats, dude!


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    Yes, I am OCD. What gave it away?

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    Re: Protect our Poisonous Frogs

    Lovely pics of the 201's iridescence!

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    Huge congrats on how that turned out, P! Wear it with the utmost pride :)

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