Protrek 1500T-7V - light and comfortable

Thread: Protrek 1500T-7V - light and comfortable

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    Protrek 1500T-7V - light and comfortable

    Module 3134. Titanium bracelet that is VERY comfortable and well-balanced. I find myself putting this one on many days and evenings because it's so comfortable is just disappears on my wrist. I know the module isn't as accurate or good at catching atomic signals as my 1300 (module 3070), but for my very un-serious uses other than time and stopwatch, it's fine. It's got a bright, crisp display that I promise to photograph better later.

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    Re: Protrek 1500T-7V - light and comfortable

    Nice one, Greg! Looks like you've got yourself a great daily wearer. Enjoy!

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