Protrek PRW-3000....Different models?!?! HELP
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Thread: Protrek PRW-3000....Different models?!?! HELP

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    Protrek PRW-3000....Different models?!?! HELP

    So after going from a particular G Shock I was planning on looking at the PRG the Suunto Core, which I LIKE, now tot he PRW 3000! yeah....Unfortunately they progressively get more expensive....I think theres a pattern here I don't like..

    Anyway, Im looking and I see there are different prices, and what looks like different varients??

    PRW-30001a, then one says PRW-3000-1 Triple Sensor Multi Band 6???...Then theres PDW-3000-1DR??

    WHATS THE DIFFERENCE? the stats all seem the same....What am I missing?

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    Re: Protrek PRW-3000....Different models?!?! HELP

    They are all the same feature/function wise. The only difference will be colors.

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    Re: Protrek PRW-3000....Different models?!?! HELP

    The final couple letters are only for designating the intended market for sale. There is no difference in module or functions.

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