PRW-1300Y-1V vs. PRG-110Y-1V

Thread: PRW-1300Y-1V vs. PRG-110Y-1V

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    PRW-1300Y-1V vs. PRG-110Y-1V

    Are those 2 watches the same except for the model number (PRW-1300Y in EU and PRG-110Y in AU)?

    I haven't been able to find good pictures of the PRW-1300Y-V, but aesthetically it seems to look the same as the PRG-110Y-V. Is the correct? What I like most about this specific ProTrek is the look of the PRG-110Y-1V, so this is an important point (I live in the EU, where it would be easier to buy a PRW-1300Y-1V if it actually looks the same as the PRG-110Y-1V).

    Functionally, they also seem the same minus the atomic function, apparently lacking in the PRG-110Y, which however I don't care that much about.

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    Re: PRW-1300Y-1V vs. PRG-110Y-1V

    Look at this website:

    I just purchased one from Tiktox. Excellent service and fast shipment.

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