PRW-1300Y-1VR still available ?

Thread: PRW-1300Y-1VR still available ?

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    PRW-1300Y-1VR still available ?

    Hi there!
    I am looking for a PRW-1300Y-1VR.
    The one with the negative Display.
    I could not find then in ebay or alike.
    Some Shops im the UK have them for £200. I there a place were I can get them for less?
    Its the only watch of the pathfinder Series with a negative Display in this Pricerange, right???
    My other Option would be a suunto Core All black or the Core Alu Deep black.
    Do you have any usefull hints for me?
    Thank you for your help

    The Gunner

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    Re: PRW-1300Y-1VR still available ?

    £200 is quite good for this watch.

    There is also
    PRG-110Y-1VDR, which I believe is the same watch but without the radio control. Here's a good price, just saved this link today: Casio PROTREK Triple Sensor Pathfinder Tough Solar Multi Function Compass Watch | eBay

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    Re: PRW-1300Y-1VR still available ?

    If you are looking for an ABC watch with REAL use, get the Suunto. If you are looking for a precise timepiece with ABC gimmickry get the Casio - that's about the best hint I can give to you.

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