question about dw5600?!

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    question about dw5600?!

    (sorry for my english if i spell wrong)...

    I´ve been looking around the web, getting a bigger and bigger intrest in the "dw5600-series"....
    When i google pics of it, they are OFTEN diffrent... but evryone says "dw-5600" (and then other letters, depending on type)...
    Some have single buckles, others has double buckles on the arm-rubber band...
    and the "chassi" also tends to look diffrent sometimes i think..

    Please help me out g-shocker´z.. ;)
    The one who has the most G-Shock´s when he Dies Wins.......

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    Re: question about dw5600?!

    The DW-5600E is the 'basic' 5600. Others have atomic syncing and solar power, which is indicated by 'GW'. Yet others will have reversed displays, different colours, materials, etc, which will lead to other variations in the model name. Don't be too worried by the last two letters in the model number (JF, EU, DR, etc), these just indicate the intended export market.

    That's a start on the wide world of 5600s. Really, you just have to browse and then come back with any points you want to clarify.
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