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    question about g production

    I have been pondering this question for some time now, and I wanted to know if somebody could help enlighten me. Out of all the 6900's produced in the last 4-5 years (available in the US), are there any that are now hard to find or out of production? I ask this question because I am thinking of buying a couple more white 6900's just because I love the watch, and I'm afraid the only place I'll be able to find them in two years is on ebay. I know the model is very well liked, and the price just seems to keep increasing.
    Now I have seen some Euro or Japan only models from past years selling for a premium, but the US models always seem to be available. Do they disconinue them after a certain time, or do they remain in production for as long they're popular? Do you think they will stop producing the 6900FS-8 in the near future? Please let me know what you think.

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    Re: question about g production

    I think they will be around, I'm pretty sure they are one of the more popular models. Casio's usa site always has them too, the white ones also last time I looked.

    I think the reason prices are going up is the US dollar has been going down in regards to other currencies, and it looks like this will continue for quite awhile.

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    Hi Wordisbond,

    It looks like the white DW-6900 is a US model, since you see it only in the US. These kind f models are often available for one or two years and then suddenly disappear and become even hard to find.


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