Question about GX56 HELP!!
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Thread: Question about GX56 HELP!!

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    Question about GX56 HELP!!

    Hi guys, I'm wondering if some one can help me, I have never bean big on digital watches but my brother bought one of this GX56 monsters and I absolutely loved it, he's got the black with red buttons, but I really like the all black, can some one tell me where I can find one, no matter how much I look I can't seam to find one, only the black on red, I figure I would ask here, any help would be much appreciated it, thanks.
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    Re: Question about GX56 HELP!!

    I bought mine on eBay, a GXW-56-1B for about $240 straight from Japan, it has atomic timekeeping as well as solar though. The other colors are scarce it seems I'd love to grab an Orange one.
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    Re: Question about GX56 HELP!!

    From Japan has them, if you are willing to import: Purchasing Japanese items and delivering straight to your door!?FROM JAPAN LIMITED

    search for gxw-56

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    Re: Question about GX56 HELP!!

    If memory serves, all of mine came from Japan as well., some via
    There are currently 5 all black GX-56GB on eBay.

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    Re: Question about GX56 HELP!!

    Unless you meant this when you said "all black":

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    Either GX-56GB or GXW-56GB.

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    Re: Question about GX56 HELP!!

    Yesterday I went window shopping around Hong Kong I only saw one for sale it was ~$140
    I saw heaps of the black and red one gx56-1a ~120
    about 3 gx56-1b ~120
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    Question about GX56 HELP!!

    Awesome Yankee Love them all. Great shot
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    Re: Question about GX56 HELP!!

    they have discontinued these models so grab them while you can!
    passed the 100 now on to 200 i guess?
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