Question About New G-Shock... (GW6900A-7)

Thread: Question About New G-Shock... (GW6900A-7)

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    Question About New G-Shock... (GW6900A-7)

    Hey guys...

    I recently picked up a new g-shock, well three actually (they're kinda oddly addictive) All three of them are solar, with two being atomic. (The other ones are two different 5600s)

    But I have a bit of a problem with my new 6900... I can never get it to stay on "high" charge, It will get there, then within an hour or so it will go back to "mid" Is the battery likely just on the edge of the mid/high ranges (would the high battery level indicator turn on when it JUST hit high?) Or does it wait until the batteries full capacity is reached to turn on the "high" graphic.

    The other watches have been on high since the day I got them.

    So does it sound like the 6900 is possibly defective, or do I just need to charge it more?

    Thanks guys.
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    Re: Question About New G-Shock... (GW6900A-7)

    you're right with assuming that the "H" appears as soon as the watch reaches the lower end of a "high" charge. It needs additional charging to stay on "H". Probably a few more hours of direct sunlight - the manual should tell you how many. My PRW-1200 was on "M" since I got it and it even showed "CHG" after I forgot to turn off the auto-EL one night. It never reached "H" so far - even though I leave it in the window sill when not wearing it. But I guess a few hours of sunlight in the summer will do the trick.

    Greetings, Sedi

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    Re: Question About New G-Shock... (GW6900A-7)

    The threshold between Med and High is between Level 2 and Level 1. "High" does not mean "fully charged". There is no indication for that.
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