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    Question about special/limited edition models

    Fairly recently, I picked up a G-Shock GA110GB-1A, thanks to this forum. After browsing further I noticed the collection that some members have on here and I noticed a fair amount of people with large collections tend to have some special/limited edition models of certain watches. Personally, I am a fan of Analog or Analog/Digital watches and prefer watches with a larger face, hence buying a GA110. Ever since I picked up mine, I have wanted to pick up a couple more since their prices are fairly reasonable.

    I was out browsing yesterday at a local mall and I noticed there was a shop that was selling G-Shocks had quite a variety compared to some of the other shops in the mall. One in particular in the front window was a GA111DR-7A. Now I know this is a highly coveted model that most collectors either have or want but I think I know why it was still sitting there. The tag that comes on a G-Shock was showing and I noticed two things peculiar about it. Firstly, the tag that has the printed price from Casio on it had been ripped off. Second, there was a generic price take placed over the barcode with the price of $499.99 on it.

    My question is this, is it normal for stores to increase the price of certain models of G-Shocks?

    Personally, this is the first time I have seen one in person and brand new in a store. Also, I am unaware of what the actual list price of this model was when it was released around fall of 2011.

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    Re: Question about special/limited edition models

    Quote Originally Posted by jun0 View Post
    My question is this, is it normal for stores to increase the price of certain models of G-Shocks?
    Short answer? Yes.


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    Re: Question about special/limited edition models

    Where did you see the Dee and Ricky at? $500 is definitely way too much, and the actual retail price for the US was $130 when it was released in early December. I think most small watch shops/ jewelry stores do this, and even Zumiez raises the price a bit on all of their Gs. One place that doesn't do this is Macy's, they sell it for the retail price all the time, and sometimes even less (25% off Friends and Family sale). It's pretty hard to get a limited edition at Macy's, especially if it's hyped, because many people reserve their watches before it's released.

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    Re: Question about special/limited edition models

    Small shops can get away with it. Larger authorized dealers are not supposed to mark up prices.
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    Keep your eye on it. Either some mug will buy it or eventually they'll want to turn it over and start knocking lumps of price off it.

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