Question on bezel on G314RL-4AV

Thread: Question on bezel on G314RL-4AV

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    Question on bezel on G314RL-4AV

    Hi all.

    I am looking at getting one of these but the pictures seem to differ from seller to seller, specifically sellers from the US and those that are not. The red bezel in some pictures looks like anodized red aluminum while in others a really nice deep sports car like red. Does anyone have one of these or know of any differences? I've shamelessly attached 2 ebay links for comparison only. Perhaps its just bad phototaking or is it a case of different world markets?

    Thanks for looking,

    Anodized looking --

    DeepRed looking --

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    Re: Question on bezel on G314RL-4AV

    Looks like the same to me. I think the different cameras captured the picture in different light/environments. I have seen one in person and it looks more like the first one when sitting in the watch case.

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