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    questions about GS-1100

    Greetings to the all you folks on the forum.
    As the owner of Casio GS-1100-1A, I have a few questions, and this is the most competent place for seeking answers. It was very difficult for me to get this particular watch because there is none for sale in my country (Republic of Srpska/BiH), and the custom taxes are insanely high, so the internet buying was out of question. Not to mention the price in Europe - more than 50% of my monthly pay. But at the end, it was worth all these efforts. The watch is really sharp-looking, robust, just the way I like. (By the way, this is my second G, the first is G-100-1)
    Now, this is what I would like to know:
    When I enter stopwatch mode, the small second hand (one on the bottom dial) is not aligned properly. Instead of "00" it points slightly to the right. Is that normal? If not, it's not big deal , but I didn't expect that kind of fault from Casio.
    If I understood the manual correctly, there are six intervals for calibration during the night, and that's the period when auto receive is doing the job. If I start manual receive during the day, I'll receive nothing. So, what is the purpose of manual receive?
    Is it possible to turn off auto receive function if I'm planning to spend longer period in the area outside signal coverage?
    Thanks for answers.

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    Re: questions about GS-1100

    You can align the hands, it's called "home setting" or something like that in the manual. My experience is that if it's off slightly (small fraction of the unit the hand measures) you'll not be able to do much about it. Consider it something that makes your watch unique. Might help to identify it if you ever lose it (gotta think positive, right).

    I do not think there is a way to turn the auto time sync off. Manual sync is if you want to force it and happen to be lucky enough to be close to the signal.
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    Re: questions about GS-1100

    Hi Forgotten, congratulations on your Giez, great choice Please post photos when you get a chance.

    Look in your manual for adjusting Home Position. I had the same problem. In normal Timekeeping mode, press the A and C (2 buttons on the left hand side) for 5 seconds until you hear a beep. The function hand and second hand will move to 12:00 position. If the second hand is not at that 12:00 position, press the C button (lower left hand button) until it is at the 12:00 position. If the function hand is not at the 12:00 press the B Button (top right) until the function hand is at 12:00. Go through the rest of the functions and make sure everything is aligned, and you should be good to go. Good luck.
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    Re: questions about GS-1100

    Thanks for advices guys, here are some pictures!
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