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    Question Questions about GW1300 and GW1310

    Hi everyone.
    I am trying to make a dicission about a new watch and was hoping you could help answer a few questions.

    I am a full time biologist and spend 9 months of the year in the field throughout most of the Pacific Northwest. I have worn out my old Armitron watch and would like to replace it. The amazing thing is that watch has lasted me 14 years! It still works, but gets water in it easily, and since I work almost exclusivity in ponds, lakes and streams, that is just not going to cut it.
    A watch is an important part of my field gear, ranking right up there with my GPS, compass and digital camera as I complete research projects, so this is a somewhat important decision.
    After much studying and thinking I have narrowed my search down to two basic model styles.

    The features I need are:
    -Countdown timer
    -Analog and digital
    -12/24 formats
    -Solar would be a nice extra (since I am outside so much)

    I also was hoping to find a G-shock that was somewhat lower profile than the norm, as they seem to stick up a bit on my wrist.

    These two series seem to have all I need, but I have a few questions for you experts.

    I can’t figure out what module the GW1300 is. On the Casio site it lists 3355 but I can find no manual listed. I did find a manual listed for 3335( which “looks” identical); so is this a typo on their part?:-S
    I mainly wanted to look at the manual to make sure it can actually display DIGITAL hours, min and seconds.

    Does anyone know how/if I can replace the band with a different band? I tend to sweat a lot and the plastic bands give me heat rashes, so I use web bands like those made by THE BAND, etc. Not a major thing, but would be nice.

    Lastly, if you had to choose between the GW1300A-9AV and GW1310A-2AV how would you choose. Initially I was only looking at the 1300, but then stumbled across the 1310. They seem to be identical watches, just differing in how the display looks. Any pros or cons?

    And, for us cheapskates, where is your favorite low price place to get G-shocks?
    This site seems to have a good price and has a good customer rating:

    Thanks for all of you help,

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    Re: Questions about GW1300 and GW1200


    I recently purchased the GW-1300A-9AV watch and the module number is 3335. I've had it for a couple of weeks and really like it. I bought it on Ebay for a total price of $107.45, Buy It Now Price: $98.50 plus $8.95 USPS Priority Shipping. I think it will be difficult to find a price lower than that for this watch. I received the watch in 2 days and it arrived in excellent condition.

    I purchased it from the seller "advancedtime". They have one on auction now for the same price as mine, $98.50. I'm unable to post a link to the auction but you can search Ebay Sellers for "advancedtime" and find it that way. Hope this helps.

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    Re: Questions about GW1300 and GW1200

    Hi Brome, has some good prices, but I had mentioned them before and someone here said to be a little wary of places that specialize in cameras but sell watches. Not sure of the real reason why, but any of the sponsors of the forum here are reputable places to buy from. I have bought from www.4-watches .com in the past and have been pleased with their prices and service.

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