questions about the screwback squares
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Thread: questions about the screwback squares

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    questions about the screwback squares

    so at the present, there are around 4 types of the CLASSIC screw-back squares in the market (NOT counting the gw-5000 and dw-5030)





    of course, lets set aside those damages/scars, I don't understand why some are more expensive than others, or is it ?


    the way I see it, the 5700 certainly the least because it's not really a square

    but then why the top threes are more valuable than the late 5000? the the late 5000 is more versatile in term of module, bezel ... ? or is it because it is not yet a declared as rare and classic ?

    I personally don't want spend money and waiting-time on bezel from Brazil in term of usage (not collecting) / as is: I don't want to spend that much money and months of waiting to put an old watch together and then NOT to wear it, but putting it on a show case

    your contribution is appreciated,
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    Re: questions about the screwback squares

    Hi... Well, the 5000c and the 5200 are the only two classic square G's as they were the original design, with the 240 module, bomb light, etc. The 5600c appeared years after with nearly similar case but an updated module. All the others are recreations of the originals, anniversary models or limited editions. Bear in mind that both, 5000c and 5200, are around 30 yearts old and they weren"t so popular in that time. So, as I understand, more rare, more desired, more expensive. Regards.
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