questions GW-5035A-1xx versions?
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Thread: questions GW-5035A-1xx versions?

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    questions GW-5035A-1xx versions?

    are there any differences between different country versions, other than the model number? US vs China vs Japan
    anyone knows the release date of US version?

    thank you

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    Re: questions GW-5035A-1xx versions?

    "October" US release. No difference only a relatively few of these made prob one factory.

    Here: gw-5000B-1jf, 16600, 30-st-135.003 | Gone: gw-5035a-1jf,
    sbbn025, 16660, 16600 (2), 14060, 16610, 16570 polar, 16570

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    Re: questions GW-5035A-1xx versions?

    Usually the difference is the box/can it is shipped in and the tags attached to it, otherwise no, the watch itself is the same.
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    Re: questions GW-5035A-1xx versions?

    The JDM version can transform into a radio-controlled car. (kidding)
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    Re: questions GW-5035A-1xx versions?

    Almost the same. Just like the DW-5030C (30th Anniversary), Japan and US release are of the same packaging. Just the code and manual that are different.

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    Re: questions GW-5035A-1xx versions?

    Is this going to be released also in Europe?

    In uk site it says out of stock? Has it allready been released there? Or?

    Does anyone know exact date of China and Usa release?

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    Re: questions GW-5035A-1xx versions?

    Usa stock just started arriving.

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