Hi all, i am new here to this amazing forum, and this is my first post.

So... naked, bezel-less MRG-1 was love at first sight for me :)
It was really really difficult to find one, in the colors and condition i was looking for, and finally it's on its way to me!

But since i don't have it in my hands, i have a few questions. Btw i believe that GS-100 and DW-8950 share the same dimensions.
If any owner with a vernier caliper, would be kind enough to take some measurements, i would really appreciate it.

I would like to know the lugs width, so i can built a nato strap adapter, the case diameter and lastly the buttons diameter, so i can built some kind of shroud i have in mind, to cover the exposed gap, between the buttons and the case.

That's all for now, and i'll keep you posted as soon as i go on with the project!