Quick and Dirty 550 Cord NATO adapter
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Thread: Quick and Dirty 550 Cord NATO adapter

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    Quick and Dirty 550 Cord NATO adapter

    Watch: Casio G9000-1V G-Shock Mudman
    Band: SORD Nylon watch band

    This is literally the first digital watch I've owned since I was about 12 years old. I wish I'd been of a mind to pick one of these up earlier.

    You guys need no introduction to the Mudman series of watches, but this is the basic entry model. I like the fact that the alarm is not too loud. The light seems to be pretty difficult to activate accidentally. It's a solid watch and by all accounts will give me years of faithful service.

    Here's the Amazon photo of the watch as delivered (pre-mods) -

    I had always intended to chuck the watch on either an OD Zulu or a SORD band like my old Foretrex 101 GPS. Imagine my dismay when I saw that there wasn't a springbar to be found on the watch meaning no NATO/ZULU/SORD band for me. I ran a google search and discovered that blokes had been fitting these watches to Zulu bands using adapters which come in a special kit for Suunto Vector watches. Being a little impatient, I mulled over how I could attach such a watch to a NATO without having to source a Suunto adapter kit. First I tried sawing a tri-glide in half and drilling some holes in it for the screws, but that was a fail. I looked around inside the man cave and spotted an unserviceable ALICE pack liner which I had thrown in the waste material basket. Being the creative cheapskate that I am, I saw at once that the gutted 550 cord could do the job of the Suunto adapter. Is there nothing that paracord cannot do?

    I cut 2 x 1.5 inch lengths and melted the ends until they were fused solid, then poked a hole in each end using a heated screwdriver. I then screwed the pieces of 550 cord onto the watch and slipped it onto the watch band. The rest is history.

    The watch looked funny with its black bezel, shiny bits and red buttons. I had originally attempted to spraypaint the buttons, but I screwed it up, so the whole of the resin bezel got the IRR camo green rattlecan treatment. I think it looks OK, but I'll probably strip it in a few days so it's black with OD lettering and buttons. The resin bezel is easy to get on and off without affecting teh waterproofing of the watch at all.

    The pics:

    Obligatory Wrist Shot -

    Closer shot of the watch -

    Watch next to the band -

    Rear of the watch showing the 550 cord / watch interface -

    Same just in case you don't get the idea -

    Could probably be improved, but it is very functional as is. I've tried gripping the watch and pulling it off the watchband and it didn't budge. Melting the ends of the 550 cord leaves you with pretty much a solid nylon cap which the band screws can't pull through.
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    Re: Quick and Dirty 550 Cord NATO adapter

    That looks great and the colour is awesome. On my monitor it looks like rather like desert tan than OD and I would leave it like it is. It is certainly a unique looking mudman, there are many black mudmans in the world but probably none with a colour like yours.

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    Re: Quick and Dirty 550 Cord NATO adapter

    Very nice! I like the color and creativity.

    It would be expensive but I wonder if anyone has tried Dura-coat on a resin G?

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    Re: Quick and Dirty 550 Cord NATO adapter

    Looks great. Thanks for sharing the tip.
    Hook 'Em!!

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    Re: Quick and Dirty 550 Cord NATO adapter

    Quote Originally Posted by sappyg View Post
    Very nice! I like the color and creativity.

    It would be expensive but I wonder if anyone has tried Dura-coat on a resin G?
    Not that I know of but I bet someone will now. Now that I think about it. I am think of things that could be sprayed on... I'm wondering about "spray on bed-liner". That would be sweet... hmmmm
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    Re: Quick and Dirty 550 Cord NATO adapter

    Just read this on ideas to change the band on my 9000MS Muddie. How has this mod held up?

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