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    Quick question guys >>

    As any of you guys actually used the Gshocks for diving? and if so how far have you been down and how did you find wearing the watch during the dive?, and which Gshock(s) was they of course

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    Re: Quick question guys >>

    I used my DW-5600E on quite a few occasions while teaching scuba diving off the coast of San Diego in the 90's. At that time I really did not appreciate the "G" as much as I do today

    I used the stop watch feature to time my dives and the depths averaged from 30-60FT. However I wore it on more than one 90FT dive... worked fine.

    All the best

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    Re: Quick question guys >>

    for free dive i used my gulfman g-9100 and it worked like a charm...
    7m depth..
    watches are meant to tell times..

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    Re: Quick question guys >>

    I used my DW5700 all the time. The deepest I went was about 100 feet that was in front of the Casino at Catalina Island.

    I know someone wore a Frog for some type of deep dive record, someone might add that to this thread.

    Never any problem with any G I have used. I use my Gulfman all the time now for snorkeling in San Diego.

    Lexvil a member here has lots of photos with his Frogs on while diving and other nice dive watches.

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