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    Rangeman black colours

    Hi all, a while ago I bought a Rangeman standard positive black model for the international market. Subsequently I ordered the carbon fibre bands from Japan to give it the most durable band as I use the watch for very regular hiking.

    There appears to be a slight colour difference between my Rangeman and these new bands. They're more black, now I'm wondering if there's a slight colour difference between the CF models and the international black model or if sun (and chlorine water in pools) has made my Rangeman greyer. Any ideas?

    If my Rangeman has gone grey can anyone suggest a cleaning product that might restore its natural lustre or should I just leave the new bands on the window sill to bleach them out a bit in the sun?

    Not sure if it shows up well in this photo or not but a thread like this demands at least one photo.

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    Re: Rangeman black colours

    The resin of Black Negative is different, less rubber sensation, you must change the bezel also to have the complete match

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    Re: Rangeman black colours

    Thanks for letting me know that. I'll try leaving the bands in the sun to fade the colour a bit to see if that does the trick at making them match better

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