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    Rangeman Vs DW6900

    Is the rangeman bigger or wider than the dw6900?
    What do you think about the Rangeman? Is it worth?

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    Re: Rangeman Vs DW6900

    I have both watches, and the Rangeman is bigger in every direction. However, I actually find the Rangeman to be much more comfortable to wear

    The DW-6900 has straps that stick out from the lugs, creating a gap between my wrist and the strap, whereas the Rangeman has straps that wrap around my wrist better and doesn't move around as much

    As for whether it is worth it, that's very subjective. DW-6900 is about the most basic G, whereas the Rangeman is the most feature packed. If you can afford it, I would definitely get the Rangeman, it really ticks all the boxes

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    Re: Rangeman Vs DW6900

    I have several 6900 versions, for me very comfy. I had a rangeman, but it was just to wide, and dug in to my wrist. Great watch, loved it, but didn't wear it so I gave it to my son.

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    Re: Rangeman Vs DW6900

    i'd pick a 6900 over a Rangeman anyday, since i don't really require any of the Rangemans features. I have no use for the alti, baro, compass etc.. If you are going to use all those features then go for the range, if not then the 6900.. Also look up the GD-X6900 which has added features like world time, 10yr battery & an LED backlight when compared to the regular DW-6900.

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