Rare 'Snake Killer' just arrived.
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Thread: Rare 'Snake Killer' just arrived.

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    Rare 'Snake Killer' just arrived.

    I seem to be accumulating quite a number of 'G' s recently. I think it is just that a number of my 'wants' have cropped up recently.

    The latest is this 'Snake Killer' DW-6900FL-6MJR. I have always wanted to get one of these as I think the colour scheme is really attractive and rather unique.

    This 6900 was issued as part of a 'Metallic G' series that was issued in 2001. There were a number of models included in this series and three of them had this 'Snake Killer' colour scheme, including the very desirable and expensive Frogman. The 'Snake Killer' Frogman is quite rare and I think this 6900 is even rarer than that, it very rarely crops up. Though Joakim had one but he let it go for a pretty low price a few years ago, I missed that sale at the time.

    I was happy to see that one cropped up on Yahoo recently. The watch had a very limited description about it and because it was out of battery it had a low starting price. Here was the description. :-

    " The product details G-SHOCK DW-6900FL-6MJR body clock out of battery
    is what has been ※ individual storage.
    There may be a deterioration, a change of color by the aged.
     Also, I do not guarantee that it does not confirm the operation for the battery out. Please bid after understanding.
     Thank you no claim no return."

    It looked good on the pictures though, as far as I could see, with no obvious marks or scuffs. These are the sort of auctions I look for on Yahoo, poorly described items that are out of battery. The Japanese seem very wary about bidding on such items and I have had many a bargain because of it.

    Anyway I placed a sniper bid and was going to be the only bidder until near the end when someone placed a bid at the opening price of $50. I thought 'damn I might, unfortunately, be in a bidding war' but I actually picked it up with my opening bid of $52.

    Result! Just depended on the condition now.

    Well the watch arrived recently and this is how it came.

    I put a new battery in and everything works perfectly. The watch is absolutely immaculate. I cannot see any marks on it at all, not even a storage crease mark on the strap. These 'Snake Killers' colour scheme is not through the whole strap, they have a special surface coating that can wear off. However this is perfect and I can only assume that it has never been worn.

    I don't know why a lot of Japanese sellers do this, they keep something unworn, then when they come to sell it they are diffident in their description and cannot even be bothered to change the battery, thereby, more or less, ensuring that they are not going to get a good price for it. Suits me though!

    The watch looks lovely. The colour varies with the light moving from black to blue to iridescent purple.

    The backplate has a 'G' design that was unique to these Metallic Gs. Apparently done by some artist named FRF, who was involved in snow and skate board designs.

    The cartoon character in the EL is also related to this. The backlight is multi-coloured which is unusual for 'G's.

    Off course there is a drawback to all this. I have no problem wearing old vintage 'G's but I have this reluctance to do so when they are immaculate and unworn like this one. Sometimes I think it would be better if they just had a little bit of wabi, then I would have no problems in wearing it. I blame these dozy Japanese sellers I tell you.

    Here are a few wrist shots.

    I think this might be my favourite, taking just looks into consideration, of all my 6900s and again picked it up for comparative peanuts. Great!


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    Re: Rare 'Snake Killer' just arrived.

    It's really cool. Not many people are aware of the "other" snakekillers like this one. An interesting thing to note: around 2001, which is when this was released, there were some car paint companies selling a paint that looked like this, was purple in one light and blue when you turned the corner. I think the snakekiller models are painted with this same color changing paint. It would make sense given the watch came out in 2001, which is when this paint was becoming well known

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    Re: Rare 'Snake Killer' just arrived.

    What bidding website did ou find this on? I looked into yahoo shopping and only saw retail.

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    Re: Rare 'Snake Killer' just arrived.

    Count me as one of those who didn't know. Very cool and thank you for sharing! :cool:

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    Re: Rare 'Snake Killer' just arrived.

    Awesome score! So, if you want to wear your newest purchase, do so. Just don't paint your living room or rebuild your vehicle's engine while wearing it. Wear it when you take your sweetie out for fish and chips or a stroll in the park. I've never damaged my watches unless I was performing difficult or hazardous tasks while wearing a watch. ---Gawain
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    Re: Rare 'Snake Killer' just arrived.

    Very nice score! You are a lucky man.

    I've been wanting one of these for a long time. Guess I should have been looking more actively.

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    Re: Rare 'Snake Killer' just arrived.

    Superb piece and definitely a gret catch, congrats. Mind if I asked which is the third piece which has ths same " snake killer" finish, only ever knew of the frogman and this dw6900

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    Re: Rare 'Snake Killer' just arrived.

    Cedric, the third is the G2000FL-6.

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    Re: Rare 'Snake Killer' just arrived.

    Nice catch, haven't found "my" 6900 yet I don't think, despite the couple I picked up for a good price recently.

    There are just so many! I do like the starry red and white one that just came out, will keep my eye out for that.
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    Re: Rare 'Snake Killer' just arrived.

    Friggin' awesome! The only Snake Killer that I knew was the Frog . Living and learning!

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