reading MTG-1000-1A / GW-2000BD-1A at night?

Thread: reading MTG-1000-1A / GW-2000BD-1A at night?

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    reading MTG-1000-1A / GW-2000BD-1A at night?

    Hello, people :)

    I'm relatively new to the forum, but have been wearing G-Shocks since I was 14.

    I'm facing a new dilemma as I am looking for my next G-Shock to purchase.

    Basically, I've narrowed it down to 3 choices.

    MTG-1000-1A "The Hybrid watch"

    (I don't think I need to explain why for this one..)

    GW2000-1A "The Aviation watch"

    (I'm a fan of 'black' and I also happen to be going to the Army helicopter pilot school, so feel very attracted to this one as well)

    GW530A-1V "The Most Practical watch"

    (Basically has everything I could possibly need for the best price while looking great. The only downfall of this one is that the resin band and all-digital reading lack "class" that the former two have.

    Honestly, I'd like to buy all three, but just can't justify doing so :(

    Now the real dilemma is that I found out today at a local G-Shock shop that the first two models don't have any kind of lighting! I almost couldn't believe it.

    Being in the military, I know that I will need to look at my watch at odd hours in the middle of the night/dawn. Unless those luminescent hands last 8 hours or more, it's almost pointless for me to get those models.

    How far into the night could I expect to read those watches?

    I didn't like the MTG1500-1A / GW2500BD-1A's mix of digital and analog readings, but it looks like I might have to resort to those models since they do have lighting...

    I really can't understand why Casio saw fit to equip these with lights but not the all-analog-read models.

    Any tip, help, advice, opinion on the issue would be appreciated!

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    Re: reading MTG-1000-1A / GW-2000BD-1A at night?

    I've had my MTG 1000 for about 4 months now, and you've hit on my only complaint about the watch - the lack of a light. I ordered a GW2500BD (which came in today's mail!!!) just for that reason.

    The lume on the MTG1000 is pretty abysmal (my Seiko Orange Monster is the lume against which all others are measured, and the MTG isn't even on the chart by comparison).

    At this moment I'm really loving the GW2500 - but won't have access to a camera until I get home tonight. The LED light on the GW2500 is fabulously bright. Maybe all the motors on the MTG are too taxing on the power supply to be able to support a light as well?
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    Re: reading MTG-1000-1A / GW-2000BD-1A at night?

    if you want to be able to read the watch easily at night, i would go with something that has EL or LED + solar. with that combo, you can flip on the EL and LED anytime you want without worrying about battery.

    as of lume, i found the GW2000BD to be the best i have seen from Casio (maybe besides the upscale MRG). i can read it in the middle of night. but the markers on the dial just doesn't have enough lume (area/quantity) to be bright. but the hands has a generous amount of lume and it does light up decently.

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    Re: reading MTG-1000-1A / GW-2000BD-1A at night?

    The GW-2000 is fine for night reading in casual circumstances. It wouldn't however necessarily be my choice for any situation where you might be under pressure and knowing what time it is is of importance.

    I'd say go for the analogue model you prefer the look of between MTG and GW-2000 and pick up a straightforward no frills digital G Shock from amazon or whereever for fifty bucks which has an auto-EL - i.e. the watch face lights up in the dark when you tilt your wrist to read it - for those situations where you need to know the time at night under pressure.

    edit by way of ps - The 2000 is a really great watch.

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    Re: reading MTG-1000-1A / GW-2000BD-1A at night?

    So the GW-2000BD is at least somewhat readable until morning time?

    I don't care how "easy" it is to read, as long as I can tell the time within a few seconds. The tiniest glimmer of the minuite and hour hand is really all I need.

    I'd preferr looking a little harder at night than having digital and analog readings on the same dial :(

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