Real Black Frogman DW-8200BK-1JF

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    Real Black Frogman DW-8200BK-1JF

    What is the higher amount you would pay for one of these, brand new?? (I have one person in Singapore offering me one brand new)


    If not willing to pay, the amount you would consider "fair" for one of these


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    Re: Real Black Frogman DW-8200BK-1JF

    I sold one on ebay recently. The recent (last month) price is between 850-900 + shipping. Mine was brand new, no box or papers.

    Just some facts, not an opinion on fair price.

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    Re: Real Black Frogman DW-8200BK-1JF

    If you want a real black, the thing to do is to sign up for one of the Japanese auction services. You'll see them quite often on Yahoo Japan for much more reasonable prices than what you'll see elsewhere. In fact, a used one in great condition just sold as I am typing this response for less than $450.00 and with patience, you can usually get new ones for around $700.00 which includes all fees associated with the bidding services.

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