Real or Fake Bape G Shock?

Thread: Real or Fake Bape G Shock?

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    Real or Fake Bape G Shock?

    Hi everyone, just about to buy this Bape G Shock and just wanted to confirm that it is 100% authentic. The seller claims it is and I believe it is. Any help would be very much appreciated :)
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    Re: Real or Fake Bape G Shock?

    Looks pretty real to me, although the pics are a bit blurry...

    The "figure" special background for the EL, the packing, the details on the band, the back... Everything points out to real, IMHO.

    Further on the real experts will either confirm or deny, though!

    Marcos :D

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    Re: Real or Fake Bape G Shock?

    I am not sure. But actually i like this yellow color. It's so banana ;)

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    Re: Real or Fake Bape G Shock?

    It certainly looks to be the real deal.

    That is the Yellow Bape that was issued to Bape Stores staff and is different to the ordinary retail version. It is a slightly different colour combination and has the 'lightning bolts' in the EL.

    Both versions had 1000 issued.


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    Re: Real or Fake Bape G Shock?

    Can someone explain what's all about this Bape model? Why is so popular and why are there so many fakes of it?

    Does it costs a lot? Heard a lot about it, but never saw why so popular...

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    Re: Real or Fake Bape G Shock?

    Crater, the Bape's are generally more expensive b/c of the clothing brand they are associated with and because they are numbered collaborations. They are released in small numbers, between 500-2000. A Bathing Ape is a popular street wear clothing line. This particular model pictured by the OP is even a little more collectible b/c it wasn't sold to the general public. It was only issued to BAPE stores and staff. There is another yellow BAPE exactly like this one, with the only difference being the EL image. On the other yellow, that was a little "easier" to buy, the EL image only had the Ape head, but no lightning bolts.
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