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    So I've had a Casio Pathfinder that I've wore while working, hiking, kayaking, ect. for the last 6 years and it has finally started to look a bit ragged. I don't wear my Orange Monster to work if I can help it so my Casio is my beater. My wife tells me the other day before I left for work, "you need a new watch." That was my green light so I'm in the market for a G-Shock this time. I've narrowed it down to the Rescue, gulfman or Mudman. I found that I didn't really use the features on the pathfinder as much as I thought I would. I mainly just used the time/date and stop watch (for runs). Whats the general consensus on which is best, more comfortable and wearable on runs or long walks in 100+ temps. ?
    Thanks for any help.

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    Re: Reccomendation..

    If u like big watches, go for King 56. It´s a perfect watch. If dont, a muddie will fish you. Anyway, you just cant go wrong with a G. Good luck.

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    Re: Reccomendation..

    for walking/running in 100+ degree weather, with time/date/chrono, i think pretty ANY G-Shock will do

    I would go for look and price that you want.

    I would recommend GW6900, or GW9200 cause you have thermometer for it will display current time in the chrono mode

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    Of the three you listed, I prefer the 7900 (Rescue) editions. It's got a great module and with out a doubt the most comfortable G I own. Like the Mudman, it is "mud resist," and the module is identical to the 9000 series Muddies, with the addition of moon phase indicator and tide graph. The main reason I prefer the 7900 over the 9000 is the size. Its a bit bulkier, which I prefer. With that all said, I can't wait to get my hands on the new Mudman. That one tops the list, but at the current prices, I'll just have to wait.

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