Recommendations for my 1st G-Shock(s)
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Thread: Recommendations for my 1st G-Shock(s)

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    Recommendations for my 1st G-Shock(s)

    Long time watch collector and lurker getting sucked into the G-Shock vortex.
    A bit overwhelmed by all the models and variations.
    Have big wrists 8" + no real target budget but would not over spend for a special edition -unless its really cool ;)
    Please post up your recommendations.
    Thanks in advance TL

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    Re: Recommendations for my 1st G-Shock(s)

    Go for "King of G" GX-56 (solar) or GXW-56 (solar and atomic).
    GX-56 is much cheaper and easier to get than GXW-56.

    Blue version is only atomic, violet is only non-atomic, 5 others are both atomic and non.

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    For more pictures visit this thread:

    Cheers, Piowa
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    Re: Recommendations for my 1st G-Shock(s)

    Any G-Shock will fit both large. Most G-Shocks will fit small wrists.

    As you said, there are many models from which to choose, so help us to help you by telling us what features you're interested in, and what types of looks you are and aren't interested in.

    My favorite models are:

    - GW-M850
    - G-2900 "Sailman"
    - DW-5600E
    - DW-9000 Mudman

    The GX models that Piowa mentions above are huge. They are like the original 5600 models, with an extra rubber bumper around them, then another case on top of them too. But the buttons are nice and big too, and the huge size is no problem on a > 8" wrist!

    Important features to me are:

    - Time visible in other modes
    - Countdown timer
    - Comfortable, and not "sticky" on the wrist
    - World Time is nice, but not required
    - Multifunction alarms are nice, but not required
    - Solar/atomic are nice, but I only really need one watch with those features
    - Long battery life, if not solar-charged; I like at least 3 years. 10 is better. ;)

    Some folks insist on altimeter, compass, thermometer, etc. Those features will really cut your options down, at least in G-Shocks. But you have Pathfinders and Pro Treks that take those features for granted, at the expense of extreme shock protection.
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    Re: Recommendations for my 1st G-Shock(s)

    Raysman, King of G, Frogman, and any of the XL cased models .... 8" wrist is quite large and even tho most g shocks look big, imho for an 8" wrist u need to get the "bigger" models, give the ones i listed a look...that should fit quite nicely on you
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    Re: Recommendations for my 1st G-Shock(s)

    I recommend a G(W)F-1000 Frogman or a G(W)X-56 King of G. It will fit well on a 8" wrist.
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