Red Display's and GW-6900CC help

Thread: Red Display's and GW-6900CC help

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    Red Display's and GW-6900CC help

    I'm looking into these GW-6900CC or GW-6900F models. Certainly the purple model is quite cool. I am thinking of buying one then sourcing the parts for the others to do quick mod's. But I can't really tell the color of the black model. At times it looks just shiny black but in other pics it seems like it's a bit black metallic. Can owners chime in on the color and also the legibility of the display?

    I wish these came in atomic solar

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Red Display's and GW-6900CC help

    i bought the white one, it is the worse display out of all the Gs I own - and adding to that is the regular green EL light makes the color scheme more ugly everytime you press the button (not saying that I don't love it )

    I thought the resin of the black is just shinny black ? what's the deal ?
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