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    Question Red or Red??

    Hi all,

    I'm just left with either one of these to almost complete my GD-100 collection. Complete in the sense that I will have all the GD-100s I want. But now I cannot decide between these 2 reds. And no! I don't wana buy both lol. I think one red is enough for thy Gd-100 collection. =D

    (Sorry for the lousy quality. This is the only non-stock photo with these 2 watches side by side that I can find online.)
    Name:  215401831_215138405dbd9a33de12ede5b2be8de40d6f5e0a8bd86f3c9.jpg
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    On the left (GD-100HC-4): I like it because for red, I prefer glossy red. The red is also bright red as compared to the matte dull red on the right. Overall, it's a bright watch, but I don't exactly love the very common green LCD display (on this colour scheme) and the very common accompanying green LED backlight. But I do like the different colored letterings on the bezel.

    On the right (GD-100RF-4): I like it because the yellow eyes are super stand-out, and the black negative display is just sick on the watch colorway. The LED is blue and when lit, it somehow looks very fitting on this model. However, I already have 2 GD-100s with the exact SAME black negative display as well as the blue LED backlight, so I'm not exactly hyped over a similar 3rd black negative display in the same collection. but I have to say it works on this watch. Well, I also like the green inner bezel. It looks better than the orange inner bezel of the GD-100HC.

    So my question is, which red would you choose to add to say, an almost complete collection of GD-100s (not if this fits into your own personal collection because for example, if you only collect negative displays, then you'll almost certainly choose the 100RF) as shown below, and why?

    Here are my other GD-100s:

    Name:  gd-101ns-1jr-b.jpg
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    Name:  gd-100ww-7dr_02.jpg
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    Name:  gd-100sc-6jf-b.jpg
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    Name:  20120428_05c4fa.jpg
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    Name:  gd-100ps-3jr-sub.jpg
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    Re: Red or Red??

    I would go with the one on the right. That color scheme is more pleasing to my eye.

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    Re: Red or Red??

    without a doubt, get the rasta, man!
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    Re: Red or Red??

    Easy, go for the red one
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    Re: Red or Red??


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    Re: Red or Red??

    I ll say GD-100RF-4 -----> matte red is beatiful

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    Re: Red or Red??

    You need a "burning red", not just "red".
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    Re: Red or Red??

    I say the one on the left just because it is crazier

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    Re: Red or Red??

    Quote Originally Posted by G-fob View Post
    without a doubt, get the rasta, man!
    I'll be very disappointed if you don't choose the Rasta!

    The GD-100HC looks very tacky and almost fake!

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    Re: Red or Red??

    Another for the Rasta, I just don't dig the shiny, candy-apple looking HC.

    Come to think of it, I don't think I have a single non-matte G, so I have a pretty clear bias.

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