Repaint resin end pieces on stainless G's?

Thread: Repaint resin end pieces on stainless G's?

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    Repaint resin end pieces on stainless G's?

    Hello all, just wanted some advice. I've bought several used stainless G's lately and while they don't show wear much at all, the end pieces on them seem to have a gray painted coating that does wear off exposing the lighter colored resin underneath. I have some of the higher grade Rustoleum spray paint and wondered if I take off the end pieces and scuff them just a little with crocus cloth so the paint holds and spray them will that work? Do you guys have a better method/idea? Just wondered if anyone has experience in painting resin parts and if there is a trick to it to maximize durability.

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    Re: Repaint resin end pieces on stainless G's?

    The material you refer to is not resin, if i interpret your post right. You mean the pieces where the strap/bracelet connects to the case, don´t you?
    The case material is a plastic of some sort with glass fiber mixed in to give higher strength. Unlike resin, which you can dye with RIT dye or something the like, those parts do not take dye. You can paint them, but i do not know how good the paint will hold up. My Dad is doing a beta test right now. He owns a PRG 40 from which i took the blue part covering the buttons and painted it. I used automotrive spraypaint (1 component) and prepped by media blasting the plastic to get a rough surface and the n de-grease.

    Until now he didi not mutter about chipping paint... I am right now ptrepping some case parts for experimental paint (it´s a cheap casio thet i will wear and tear to test the adhesion of the paint before i ruin any G´s...)

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