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    Replace A Fallen G?

    So if anyone recalls, I tried to hydro-mod my beloved GA110HC-1A, the purple hyper colors 110. It worked! But then I noticed the hands weren't moving, so it was a messy, oily piece of junk. I replaced it with the beautiful GWA1000A-1AJF, thinking it'd be a nice step up direct replacement piece.

    But I kind of want the lighter-weight 110 again, and I loved the intense full-color face of the hyper colors watch. It would be augmenting the collection, not substituting the 1000 for the 110. Would I be crazy to get it again, or am I crazy hesitating?

    The old 110
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    The new 1000
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    Re: Replace A Fallen G?

    why not just get both, i don't think the ga110 is very expensive, i've seen them on ebay for less than a $100, i like the A1000A much more, but why not have both

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    Re: Replace A Fallen G?

    I agree get both. I have the blue 1000 and just recently picked up the purple and blue 110, picked it up during the Macy's presale and had it shipped to my house and it wasn't more than 100 bucks. The 110 gets alot of wrist time, looks good and very light like you said.
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    Re: Replace A Fallen G?

    Like they all have said, it will definitely not be crazy. It isn't expensive...until you start getting more and more and more and more...
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