Replacing the GW4000D bezel advice

Thread: Replacing the GW4000D bezel advice

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    Replacing the GW4000D bezel advice

    The bezel (?), the part with the text 'G-shock' and at the bottom 'Protection' is quite damaged and is really glossy/shiny instead of the original matt black finish. I would like to replace this part.

    Casio at first adviced me to buy 10398011 BEZEL/RESIN. Pacparts adviced me to buy the 91087170573. Since this was confilicting I contacted Casio again and they now advice me to buy 10403806 BEZEL/RESIN.

    The 91087170573 and 10403806 are both available at Pacparts:

    The pricing/stock and associated models are all the same, are the parts itself also the same? If not, what are the differences and which one do I need?
    Casio was not able to sell the parts directly. Are there other options besides Pacparts?

    Are there more parts of which you recommend to change simultaneously?

    Are there instructions/pictures/videos on how to replace this part? I did undo the two screws on the sides but the part seems still quite stuck.

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    No idea about the pacparts part as it's not a 8 digit Casio reference but both other references are listed as the GW-4000D bezel. If I had a guess, I'd say the original is the 10398011 and the other is for the GW-4000-1A (looks a bit darker but eh, I guess Casio knows better).

    As for changing the parts, just undying the screws should be enough. There may be some adhesive but pull on the metal part underneath the bezel and they should come together quite easily.

    EDIT: Snapped a little pic but yeah, should be pretty straightforward
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