Replacing polarizing film?
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Thread: Replacing polarizing film?

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    Replacing polarizing film?

    I have a non G that has a scratched polarizer. I module swapped to get a positive display and while the neg display was out the polarizer got some scratches in it. You can only see it in the right light, but it still bugs me since I ended up swapping back to the original module anyway, so I guess I should've just left it alone. Anyway my question is how hard is it to do? I don't want to make things worse so if its too hard I'll just leave it since the watch is a beater anyway. I've seen how to's but wanted to hear from people who had actually done it, I don't get how you can pull up the old one without scratching the glass.
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    Re: Replacing polarizing film?

    Here's a pretty detailed tutorial on altering the pos/neg display, and dealing with the polarizing film....
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