replacing the rubber o-ring seal

Thread: replacing the rubber o-ring seal

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    replacing the rubber o-ring seal


    There was a post (before the forum crashed!) that explained how to replace an old rubber o-ring seal with a new one. They talked about putting grease on it or something.

    Could some one tell/direct me to the proper way of replacing a rubber o-ring seal? I ordered some from casio, and I should be getting them soon.

    thank you.

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    Re: replacing the rubber o-ring seal

    For me, i just make sure that the seal is sit good and apply small amount of silicon grease (i think, i use the the grease for automotive window / weather seal) on the rubber seal

    make sure the screws, caseback, grove of the caseback is not cutting into the rubber seal

    i also do a visual inspect to see if the caseback sit tight to the case.

    just take your time and do it slowly, make sure you are doing it right.

    i have had zero problem with mine ever. (though the deeper i went is down to the buttom of a pool :-D )

    of course, it would be best if the watch can be pressure tested.

    warning: DIY battery change @ your own risk. if you dive with your watch, its better to have the watch pressure tested just to be safe. i have heard about horrible stories which watches are toasted because of faulty battery changes

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    Re: replacing the rubber o-ring seal

    I echo stockae92's advice. Make sure the seal is properly seated in the grove and take your time.

    Working on a G-Shock can be a very calming and fun experience.
    Best regards,

    Mike Hogan
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    "Go ahead laddie. Buy the watch."

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