Requesting pics of the DW-6900NB-4

Thread: Requesting pics of the DW-6900NB-4

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    Requesting pics of the DW-6900NB-4

    Has anyone got one of these yet? I've wanted one since I saw the announcement, but the few real-world pics that I've seen look far more light salmon coloured than the purple of the official images.

    Any real ones out there?

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    Re: Requesting pics of the DW-6900NB-4

    I used to think this one was purple because of the stock photos. But when seeing it IRL it was more of some sort of whine red color, but still bordering on the purple side of the color scale. Its hard to explain, but it is not fully purple and the number 4 in the model number suggest that too(it would have been a 6 if it was fully purple). Here is a picture that is more closer to what I saw:

    (in the light I saw it at it was just slightly more purplish then this picture)

    But maybe in daylight it could look all purple idk...

    Perhaps someone who owns it here can shed some light over this...
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