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    Resto Modded DW5600C

    I've have this watch since the early 90's and recently found it, dead, and beaten under the sink after moving.

    I have no idea how it got there or where it has been since I saw it last about a decade ago.

    I put a battery in it and it worked, so it got some other attention.

    This is the same watch from my catastrophic resin rot failure thread.

    All told, after the new battery, it was Hyro'd, negative display, new bezel and strap, and it is ready for another 20 years of service.

    Some pics:

    Gratuitous wrist shot:

    Here again, gone again bubble:

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    Re: Resto Modded DW5600C

    Nice...........I'm waiting to get an original 1983 model DW5000A-1 for myself. I love the DW5000 and DW5600. It's my favorite classic G-Shock next to the DW6600-1V.

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