REVIEW: FROGMAN TC DW-200 from a frogman virgin

Thread: REVIEW: FROGMAN TC DW-200 from a frogman virgin

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    REVIEW: FROGMAN TC DW-200 from a frogman virgin

    Review of the TC frogman GW-200
    From a frogaman virgin
    This review is from the eyes of someone (me) who has never seen a frogman before.

    What a great day today got me a frogman, come all the way from Canada. Cost me $200 Australian dollars including shipping and didn’t my missus have a go at me (this ones going to cost me a louie vaulton hand bag to calm her down) . boy was it worth it. I didn’t wait till I got out of the post office. We have a PO box or private mail box at the post office so when I get something I ring a little bell and a lady comes and gives me my package. I asked her for a box cutter knife ,while my missus signed the book to say we got it.
    Get it out of the box is big and does mw just right and nice and weight to.
    Got all the functions James Bond would want.
    From blood type to site selection and passport id and c card haven’t got a c card but that’s ok the only thing I will put into it will be my blood type ( so when I get hit by a car I will say look at my watch it knows all about my)
    This ones the triple crown version so it has the triple crown symbol on the back and as the back light to and isn’t the back light bright.
    The display is easy to read and when scrolling thru the functions writing and other thing s go flying across the screen (wait till my boy see this , his going to want one ).
    The band is more than bigger enough and the watch is moved away from the front of the wrist with all the weight moved away(no good if you where it on your left wrist) wonder if they make a left handed one .
    Now I cant wait till my other one arrives from Richard.
    Out of ten I give this watch 10/10
    It’s a great watch and a great buy, if you don’t have one go buy one if you do have one or some buy some more , their great
    Thanks for reading and see you on the forum

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