Review of My new G7800: like a greatly improved 5600!

Thread: Review of My new G7800: like a greatly improved 5600!

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    Smile Review of My new G7800: like a greatly improved 5600!

    I just received my G7800 (positive display, black) and I really like it. The digits are not annoying at all. I was afraid that the digits would be too 'tile like' but they are fine. They are bold enough to see at a glance. The time is perfectly placed right in the center of the watch! Can you imagine- a g shock with numbers perfectly placed, and no silliness filling up the screen? No more searching for the actual time amongst distractions! I was able to make the fonts on the day/date year fine, so that the time stands out more.

    The watch has a very nice brushed steel front. Basically the styling is very similar to the 5600's. It is like a 5600, but upgraded and more modernized. It is a 5600 without as much nerdiness. It has a classy but tough look to it. It looks like it will hold up better than the 5600 cosmetically, thanks to the steel! It might be a tad more raised than the 5600. You really cannot go wrong with this one.

    The watch is not atomic, which, to me, means that it should last longer than 1.5 years. I have had 3 atomic casios, and all 3 have died within 1.5 years. I wouldn't have bought it if it were atomic.

    I think that we may have a perfect G shock here, which i didn't think existed. The only thing is that the band is a little stiff. Hopefully it will soften up with time. I might dip the straps in boiling water to help them along.

    I can tell that I am going to wear this one constantly. It took over a year, but I am glad that I have finally pulled to trigger. $75 off of amazon, came in 4 days.

    I could go on about the functions, but why bother? I just use it to tell the time, and to time myself at the gym and on my lunch hour. World time, timers etc..

    Really guys- if you have been on the fence on this one- it is well worth pulling the trigger on this one. It is just a fantastically evolved dw5600. Maybe that is why they called it the 7800? They have taken the 5600 (which to me has always been a perfect watch) and they have dressed it up. They have brought the 5600 into this century. You can't go wrong here.

    Don't have camera capability, so no pics. But you should look up the pics. Don't be turned off by the tile like digits- that effect goes away when you see the watch in person.

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    Re: Review of My new G7800: like a greatly improved 5600!

    i like that it is different and kind of fresh. i can see how this watch would look better in real life than in stock photos.... but it may be a little over styled for me. i'd like to see a more complex matrix display (like this) in a traditional 5600 style body.
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