Reviving my Brietling.

Thread: Reviving my Brietling.

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    Reviving my Brietling.

    So while in the midst of a buying - ban I'm taking sage advice and sorting out my existing older watches. Starting with my Breitling New Pluton circa 1992.

    Now I know there's a Breitling forum but it is, I suspect, full of strangers.

    You guys, my comrades in watches, are my preferred audience.

    Basically, I'm gonna ditch the bracelet and go rubber or similar.

    Any recommendations? It's a 20mm spring pin fitting. And I can't afford nor justify an official one. TSS may be my saviours but would love your ideas.
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    Re: Reviving my Brietling.

    I suggest a 20mm Citizen driver strap.
    Its thick and ist somewhat broader then the bracelett in the picture.
    That may improve the look. :)

    I did the same change on one of my casio ana-digis:

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