Riseman g9200 low battery.

Thread: Riseman g9200 low battery.

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    Confused Riseman g9200 low battery.

    Hey guys, I got my Riseman a while ago, around 2 years ago... and recently (matter of months now) im having low battery issues, and I wonder why?

    Isn't the battery supposed to last atleast 10 years with no issues at all? when i'm outside the watch gets charged alittle by the solar panels but after some time they battery goes back to low.

    Is this common? is there any way to fix this or locate why I got this issue?

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    Re: Riseman g9200 low battery.

    You need to let it see way more sunlight.

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    Re: Riseman g9200 low battery.

    If your watch gets down to "low," which is "Level 3" in the chart below, it needs approximately 18 hours of DIRECT SUNLIGHT to get back to a full charge, or 88 hours of "sunlight through a window."

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    If the watch is only getting sunlight when you're outside and then goes back to "low," it does in fact need to spend more time in the sun!

    Full manual at: http://ftp.casio.co.jp/pub/world_man.../en/qw3148.pdf

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