Riseman with Zulu/Matrac Strap

Thread: Riseman with Zulu/Matrac Strap

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    Riseman with Zulu/Matrac Strap

    Hi Guys,

    I just added a Riseman into my G-Shock collection and i thought of giving it some change as i don't really like the resin band.

    I have managed to get hold of some Suunto C Clips adapter and am planning to use it with a Zulu or Matrac band.

    Just wanna ask what size should i get ? 20mm ? 22mm? or 24mm ?

    I have some suggestions on 20mm but i am afraid that it will leave some gap.

    Mind sharing some tips ?

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    Re: Riseman with Zulu/Matrac Strap

    i'd guess 22.

    oh... did you see the famous topher thread on this subject?
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    Re: Riseman with Zulu/Matrac Strap

    The SUUNTO C clips work on the Mudman, see


    I have my Riseman on strap adapters. Works great.
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