Santa decided I needed a G-Shock in the box

Thread: Santa decided I needed a G-Shock in the box

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    Santa decided I needed a G-Shock in the box

    Been lurking around here for a while now, trying to do a bit of research on which G I wanted & one showed up under the tree. So, seems like an appropriate time to post with my new GW6900-1. I am really liking the solar/atomic feature of it, which of the list I had compiled, most of the G's were. This one, as you all know, doesn't have a ton of the features that some like the Riseman or the Frogman does, but I think it's got all that I'll use. Anyhow, I think we're all good on specs & such, on to the pictures. (Warning: These are not professional photos)
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    Re: Santa decided I needed a G-Shock in the box

    Congrats! That was also the first modern G that I bought after getting back into them. No complaints about it whatsoever
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    Re: Santa decided I needed a G-Shock in the box

    Sweet! one of my very favs and my most worn G...

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