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    screwback mod with 5025d

    I notice that some of you have modified the Dw-5025d to put in a regular 1545 module and standard 5600e bezel and strap. I would like to do that but I need a case from a 5025d ocean gray. Do any of you guys have one lying around, perhaps as a result of some mods of your own. Love to get one.

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    Re: screwback mod with 5025d

    might wanna post this on WTB or WTT forum? good luck.
    ill bump this up for you just in case someone missed it.
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    Re: screwback mod with 5025d

    I hate to say it, but you are very unlikely to find *just* a DW-5025 case, as they were limited and becoming pretty rare. Most owners kept them as-is, I'm sure. Although, anything is possible.

    If you are really after this mod, you might be better off just finding a DW-5025 and selling off the module if you don't need it. I think that it would be a relatively easy sell, given the nice mirror finish of the face.

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