Seiya's health?

Thread: Seiya's health?

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    Seiya's health?

    At this point I'm really concerned. Does anyone know anything about Seiya's condition?
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    Re: Seiya's health?

    This is the most popular silent topic on this forum. EVERYONE is concerned. We know that he's in hospital. So it's serious.

    Privately, messages are flying back and forth all the time but beleve me knowone really knows what is going on.

    Out of respect for the man we sorta decided that this is topic is best left alone in public forums.

    I understand and I hope you understand too.

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    Unhappy Re: Seiya's health?

    I wrote mr. Seiya a get well soon card tonight. I think that's the only thing we can do (unless you live in Tokyo). I think indeed to keep this subject quiet on Mr. Seiya-San's privacy. I gave Mr. Seiya's adrtess to Perfectly Kevin earelier tonight. If you want to sent him a card or something else to cheer him up, PM him for the adress, since I will be away for 2 weeks in a few moments.

    I willnow lock this thread in rewspect for mr Seiya San.

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